There are some that believe that it is never to early to being preparing for your very special day. Some young girls start planning their wedding day when they are just little teenagers. But conventional thought says a bride should actually purchase her bridal gown approximately one year in advance. This gives the bridal shop time to take the measurements, order from the fashion designer and have it arrive in plenty of time for any potential alterations or tweaking. This is especially important if you are having a custom design produced.

I have heard on several occasions a custom saying they are ordering a custom gown when in fact they are simply submitting a made to measure order. It is not widely understood that having a dress from a designers collection made to order is not a "custom" garment. To most designers a "custom" garment means a totally custom design. This is where you have the design company (or bridal salon) sketch several brand new designer wedding dresses just for you based on your needs and wants. Then you pick from those sketches the one you like the most. If this is the route you are going it is extremely important to leave a year between your order time and your wear date. Since this is a new design that has never been seen you may want to just leave room for any potential error or time for corrections if ever necessary.

Because of this reason most brides today opt to have a dress from the collection made in a size close to them instead of ordering custom designs. This way they have seen the design in person and do not have to wonder if it will turn out ok or look like the sketch. Since the designers team has already produce that design many times it will also not take them as long to get it to the bridal salon for you to try on. In this case I would suggest for the client to leave at least 6 months prior to your wedding for the production of your made to measure garment.

So when you are looking at designer wedding dresses and thinking that you do not want to buy to soon or too late just keep this in mind. If it is a custom or customized bridal gown allow at least one year. If you are buying a design from a collection that will be made to measure it would be wise to purchase 6 months prior to the wedding. And if you are not planning a huge wedding or if the wedding gown will not play a factor in any other part of the wedding planning then the latest you should order off the rack is around 3 months prior to the event. Ordering designer wedding gowns earlier will almost always alleviate some stress and allow you to plan other parts of your special occasion with a bit more ease and relaxation.

The team at Darius Cordell Couture has produced couture bridal dresses since 1996. For more information about our collection please visit our main site at

People think Capitol Hill is filled with boring black suits and bad fashion sense. But there's more--here are some awesomely bad fashion trends in politics.

Politicans in Cowboy Hats This fourth of July President Obama had Independence Day on the mind and on the head. Obama tried on an awesomely bad American flag-patterned cowboy hat on the South Lawn of the White House. President isn't the only politican sporting cowboy hats these days, Fla. Rep. Frederica Wilson wore a flamboyant, hot pink cowboy hat while speaking about the Trayvon Martin shooting. Politicans including Herman Cain and Rick Perry have also been known to sport the western-style head wear.

Seersucker Suits With the summer season upon us, it is only appropriate to don a seersucker suit to work on Capitol Hill. Former Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi proposed "Seersucker Thursday" to his colleagues in the late '90s. The former senator told an ABC Reporter that "the tradition came about by accident" when "one day I wore a seersucker suit and everyone in the office harassed me about it." That's all it took for the former majority leader to create this new tradition on Capitol Hill. "I figured it was a way to develop camaraderie and a sense of bipartisanship in the Senate," Lott continues. "If you can't be bipartisan about seersucker, what can you be bipartisan about?"

The traditionally light blue (other colors pop up, too) and white striped all-cotton fabric suit is intended to combat the brutal D.C. humidity. It's worn on the Hill on the first official day of summer which is also the day that Republican leaders hold an ice cream social in their office.

Lott has kept the seersucker sentiment alive in his office at Patton Boggs, a public policy and lobbying firm. "We still celebrate seersucker Thursday in my office," Lott confessed. "Over 40 men and women dressed in seersucker outfits, all the interns in the firm even caught onto the trend." When asked if this tradition should be kept alive on Capitol Hill, he replied, "Of course, it should be kept alive so people can laugh at each other!"

Cowboys in Congress If you thought there were no cowboys in Washington, think again! Legislators love sporting their leather, block-heeled cowboy boots around the Capitol. Congressman Jim Matheson, D-Utah, said he has worn them since he was a young man. "As a member of Congress it's fun wearing cowboy boots on Capitol Hill. A bipartisan group of folks from the West wear them," Matheson says. "It's a way to establish a sort of camaraderie and regional distinction and I think that's fun."

When asked if the boots match his suit, the Congressman replied, "Well, I sure think they do. I usually wear Lizards or Kangaroo's and those are great boots, I think they look really nice. I don't wear old scuffed-up boots at work like the ones I wear while riding my horse."

Matheson claims that close to 15 or 20 members of congress sport the sturdy boot on Capitol Hill but they are not the only ones. Cowboy boots have even been in fashion for former Presidents Reagan, Clinton, and the Bushes.

Pins are In Pins have undoubtedly become a Congressional fashion statement. Whether it's your standard American flag pin sported by President Obama or an "Article 1" pin worn by Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky (as well as 40 other members of Congress) to remind people of Article 1 in the U.S. Constitution, this sticky trend has been making a statement in American politics for decades.

A spokesperson for Congressman Yarmuth told ABC News that the pin was created in 2007 but he traded the "Article 1" pin in for his Congressional pin. The spokesperson said, "He stopped wearing the pin when the new administration came in because he believed that this administration would ensure a new outlook and positive change in Congress; however, now he does not feel that there is any sense of bipartisanship."

Pins have become such a huge fad in Congress because they are an easy accessory that serves as a daily reminder of a message or idea that should be represented in Congress. Plus, it doesn't hurt they give flare to an otherwise bland suit. Men are not the only ones to take part in the pin trend; even the first ladies get in on the action to spice up their wardrobes. Michelle Obama often sports a brooch around her neckline.

The Monochromatic Suit Washington is not known for its fashion sense and it seems as if some powerful ladies aren't doing much to rid their city of that stigma. Monochromatic suits in a rainbow of colors seem to be a favorite of women on the Hill.

Hillary Clinton has been seen sporting mono-toned, red, gold, and blue suits. She is not the only one "power dressing" in single-hued ensembles, Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin have also joined in on the action, though Palin is no Washington devotee.

Man's Best Accessory Politicians, like everyone else, look to their furry friends for support and friendship at home but some legislators want to bring their pets to work too. Dogs have become a staple accessory of American politicians.

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., brings his two pups, "Monique" and "Tink" to the Hill often. Sensenbrenner reminisces about a funny pooch incident with an ABC reporter explaining, "One time one of my dogs escaped and the chairman of my committee found the dog drinking out of his toilet, so he was walking down the hallway saying 'who's dog is this, who's dog is this?'" Sensenbrenner laughed, recalling the episode. "I picked him up and said 'Mr. Chairman this is my dog and he loves you just as much as he loves me'."

Other legislators such as Sen. Scott Brown and N.Y. Rep. Michael Grimm are also known to strut their stuff down congressional halls with man's best friend by their side.

Anthony Vaccarello Talks Karl Lagerfeld, Karlie Kloss, and Why His Dresses Don’t Need Double-Sided Tape

Anthony Vaccarello, with the help of his muses, has given the fashion industry major whiplash with his head-turning, slit-up-to-there dresses. The 32-year-old Belgian-born designer (with Italian parents, if you're wondering about his last name) graduated from La Cambre in 2006 and was quickly scooped up by Karl Lagerfeld to work on furs at Fendi. Two years later, Vaccarello went out on his own, presenting a capsule collection of miniskirts in the windows of the Maria Luisa boutique in Paris, which led to a photo shoot with Lou Doillon for winter 2010 and a full-scale runway show for spring 2011. Last year, he took home the Association Nationale pour le Développement des Arts de la Mode fashion prize, or the ANDAM — Europe's version of the CFDA Awards. Now he's moved both his atelier and apartment into the same building (albeit on two different floors) in Paris's Marais neighborhood, explaining, "For me, work and life is together. You cannot separate it properly, especially now. Maybe in the future, I can separate it, but now, work is really part of me." We phoned Vaccarello earlier this week to discuss one of his early, porn-star-inspired collections, his friendship with Karlie Kloss, and how he avoids any wardrobe malfunctions with those dramatic, high-cut slits.

To start, what you were like as a child, and how did you know you wanted to go into fashion design?
I always liked to draw and liked fashion and liked to be surrounded by women, but I didn’t know that it would exactly lead to a job, because for me it was more like a dream than something you can do. It was more like, you could have a real job and then make some dresses [on the side]. But then I realized it could be a job, and in 2000, I began to study at La Cambre in Brussels … I’ve always liked Ann Demeulemeester, or Gianni Versace. [My designs are] always a mix between something very structured and very dark, very controlled, like Demeulemeester, and something more sexy, more easy, more fresh, like Gianni in the early nineties.

Your first major collection after college, which you presented at France's Hyères Festival, was inspired by the porn star La Cicciolina. Why does sexiness or sex appeal speak to you?
La Cicciolina, for that collection, it was not about the sexy side of her, but of course there's the whole image surrounding her. Even now, when I design, I’m not trying to find the urge to make a sexy dress or something. With La Cicciolina, for example, I imagined her reaching to her boyfriend, and it's all about her hair growing into the clothes, so that's the main inspiration of that collection, but it’s not about her sexual appeal or something like that. It was more about her hair, and the time that goes by, and all that kind of stuff, which is more Belgian than Italian, I guess. [Laughs.]

From there, you went on to design furs at Fendi. What was that like?
It was great because it was my first job. I just finished school — I didn’t have to apply for a job, they just called me when I finished, and it was great going to Italy, to Rome, working with Karl [Lagefeld] for two years ... He came to the studio and we talked together, thought about ideas for fur — not every day, but sometimes. It was very strange talking to him and working with him, because you just grow [up] thinking about him and then you see him, and you're talking to someone very famous, and you just can't think about that and move on. It’s kind of strange, but it's funny at the same time.

Then you left to start your own line. How does your design process work? Where do you get your ideas?
I always try to imagine the woman that I want to dress. I try to ask myself, What does she want to wear? Where can she wear it? So the main process is making a story about her, and then I do some draping, and I love to work with my hand on the mannequins on the bust with fabrics and find some lines, find some way with the fabrics. And then when I’ve got the idea, I can design pieces. But I never design first. I prefer to work directly on the body before developing pieces.

Who is the woman you want to dress?
I design for a strong woman, that’s very confident of herself. I design for friends, like Lou Doillon … It's a woman that can be a mother, she can work; it’s a woman that is strong, that has no fear about what people can say and who dresses for herself, mostly.

Since you’re so shy, tell me about how you’ve enlisted all of these supporters, starting with Lou.
Well, I think women like shy guys, right? But we met at the dinner, through [Laetitia] Crahay, she is a jewelry designer at Chanel. And we just fell in love, I want to say, and [Laetitia] Crahayalready told her about my work, so she knew what I did before, and we just decided to do a shoot the day after the dinner. And it would just be like that — with no makeup, no Photoshop, nothing, like, in the streets, in the garage. And I really loved the pictures; she loved them also, and she told me, "Okay, let’s publish it." It was for winter 2010. And since then our relationship is — we’ve become very close. I always ask her for advice about what I do — would she like it? If she would she wear it.

And another person who’s been your champion is Karlie Kloss.
She’s amazing. We met at dinner, also. We have a friend in common, and so I met [Karlie], and she knew that I won the ANDAM prize. We just talked, and she told me that she wanted to do my show, which was amazing because supermodels never do that for young designers. So things are going like that: very simply. I guess I am very lucky because things came very randomly without anyone being pushy. It's always been like that.

Was that why she skipped the other fashion weeks — so she could open your show?
No, it was something else. She didn’t do it only for me. I think she took some vacations beforehand, but it was perfect.

Aside from Karlie opening your fall show, people were also talking about the model who fell. Is that a designer’s worst nightmare? Or do you just brush it off?
It was sad for her because it was her first show. She was young, it was her first show, and she told me after that she was stressed because she saw all the supermodels around her, the catwalk was very, very long, and she had a cramp in her foot. And I was very sad for her, but I was not angry at all. No, no, no. We liked Pauline — her name is Pauline. And I think after that she had a few great shows, like Miu Miu. It was not the end of her career.

More recently, you’ve dressed Anja Rubik for the Met Gala and Lily Donaldson at the amfAR Gala in Cannes. What's that like?
Oh, it is such an honor for me because they have the perfect bodies for this type of dress. If they couldn’t wear them, I don’t know who could wear it.

How much wardrobe tape does it take to keep on those high-slit dresses? Or what goes on underneath them?
Ah, that's the big question that everyone asks me. The dress is not a slit — it's more about the construction, it's like a jumpsuit dress. It’s a dress, but it’s also like pants. It’s a slit, but the leg is outside through a hole. It's more than just a simple slit.

Do you think that one day you would ever consider going back to a big fashion house?
For the moment, I don’t think about things like that because I’m more worried about growing my own brand and growing the business, so not tomorrow, but maybe, yes, one day. 

Would you do a fast-fashion collaboration, like with H&M?
I did something with Anja — she was modeling for La Redoute, a French brand of fast fashion. We did it last year. It was five pieces all in white, and the dresses were around 100 euros. It was only in Europe and Russia, not in America. But I really like the idea of making collaborations like that. I think it's good.

So, what’s next for you?
The show in September. I'm still working on that — I'm not sure about how it will look. But I think it will be a continuation of what I did last season. I don’t like when you change your image every season. I like the continuity. You tell the same stories, just you add something new, you know. Something like that.

Are you a bride who has been searching endlessly at local bridal shops and wedding salons for the perfect dress but just can’t seem to find exactly what you want?  Have you discovered that you like the top of one dress and the bottom of another but the traditional bridal store you are working with is unable to create a custom piece that is exactly what you are wanting?  If this is the case then you need to consider custom wedding dresses from Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd.

Our company has been providing couture pieces to women for their special day since 1996.  Our company began business in Norman Oklahoma.  At that time we only sold our designs to retailers and stores at a wholesale cost for them to resell our product.  Then in 1999 we relocated our design firm to the Dallas Apparel Market.  That is when we began looking into offering our creations directly to the public but at a retail price.  And now our operations are conveniently located in Frisco Texas.  We now sell our merchandise to wholesale and retail buyers.  We also work with both local as well as long distance clients.  We have sold items to all types of buyers that are from all parts of the world.  We have literally sold hundreds of dresses per season to many different countries.  Some would think that specialized garments like these would have to be arranged in person but that is not necessarily the case.  Our process for ordering custom bridal gowns is quite simple and pain free.

The first thing we determine is the cut of the clothing that the bride wants.  A large number of consumers will say …”well I don’t know what I want” which is really not the case.  We have found that they really do.  For instance if we said do you want a long sleeve bridal gown with all lace they would have an opinion as to yes or no.  So one of the first things we try and get each person to figure out is what part of their body they want to over and what part of their body they want to show.  This really helps narrow down the possibilities quite a bit and helps us figure out what is in their head.  The individual can communicate this to us in the form of a photo that they have found.  It can be from another designer or any other website.  Sometimes it is easier for a client to simply look at one of the cuts from our collection and then make changes to it.  This usually is the easiest way to start the process.  Or when the budget allows they can commission us to produce sketch work for them according to their preferences, likes and dislikes.  Usually we provide about 3 sketches for the consumer to consider.  We may wind up making changes to one of them to get it exactly as the person envisioned and then once we have the approval of the cut we then move on to the embellishments.

Most custom wedding gowns will have some type of adornment on them – be it lace, beading or some form or embroidery.  Most of our Darius Cordell Designs are more simplistic and demur.  So many of the pieces in our collection do not have an abundance of embellishments.  However if we have a client that wants that sort of creation we have absolutely no problem in providing that to them.

Usually brides are not too particular in regards to fabrication.  The main thing they want is for the item to look good, be comfortable and be affordable.  Yet there are some that do have a strong preference in fabrics.  If you are long distance and that is the case one of the easiest ways to address that point is to suggest for you to visit one of your local fabric stores.  Let an employee there know that you are searching for bridal fabrics and they should be able to direct you in the proper location.  From there you can see, touch and feel all of the fabrics to help you decide on the one you want for your bridal gown.  Once you have figured out which one you like you can then either communicate to us the name of that fabric, you can submit a sample of that fabric to us or you can even send us the entire yardage that would be needed to make your wedding dress.  We will then either resource or use that fabric upon your request.

Another main element to providing custom bridal dresses to a client long distance is making sure the garment fits as best as possible.  This can sometimes be tricky if the client is planning on losing a great deal of weight between the time they order their dress and the time they wear it on their wedding day.  Still, we provide a personal measurement form to all clients.  We suggest they go to one of their local tailors or alterationist and have them fill out the form based on the diagram we provide on that form.  We would then simply cut the garment in those exact measurements.  One of the questions our brides normally ask us here is “what if I do change in size”.  The answer to that is simple.  You can very easily go right back to that same tailor or alteraionist who took your measurements and request them to tailor the garment on you in person accordingly.  This is quite different than ordering a dress in a bridal salon in a certain size and then having multiple fitting to get the item to your size.  The dress you purchase from Darius Designs has already been made to your dimensions so there is not a lot of tailoring or “fittings” that will be needed.

The very last thing we would need to complete the initial stages of this process would be to receive your signed order form and cutting fee deposit – which is normally just 50% of the base price that was quoted as your estimate.  If your custom clothing ultimately is estimated to be over $3000 we will allow the good faith deposits to be as low as 30%.  The balance payments are not due until your merchandise is completed.  However if you prefer to make small payments during production you are more than welcome.  The production time for most couture items is normally 8-12 weeks.  If your gown is heavily beaded we would request you allow even more time since our clothing is beaded by hand.  In some cases where the creation is not too incredibly detailed or ornate we can rush the order in approximately 4 weeks but the bride would need to pay a surcharge or rush fee for that speedy service.

As we mentioned we have been providing custom wedding dresses to women in this manner for well over a decade with great success.  So we are certain we can assist you as well.  The process is really far less complicated and simple than one would normally imagine. 

You can see some of our Darius Cordell Couture by visiting our main website at

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Not sure who you want in your wedding party? Here are six tips to help you narrow down the selection.

DO wait to ask until you’ve set your wedding date. If you get engaged today but wait 18 months to get married, your inner circle might change. I’m not saying you won’t still be tight with, say, your college roommate, but adding bridesmaids is a lot more fun then demoting them, so I’d hold out on asking ‘til you’re sure of who you’ll want in the V.I.P. spots when your wedding day rolls around.DON’T feel like you have to include all the siblings. (Or give them the “biggest” roles.) Having the same parents and once sharing a bedroom makes your sister, well, your sister. It doesn’t automatically make her your maid of honor. By all means, ask your sister to be your MoH if you’re close. But don’t feel like you have to ask her if all you have in common is DNA. And definitely don’t feel like you have to ask your groom’s sister to be a bridesmaid. Which brings me to …DO have “bridesmen” and “groomsgirls”! If you’re close with your brother, that’s great. But asking him to stand up as a groomsmen feels weird—unless he he happens to be close with your guy, too. If you’d like to give your bro an important role, I think “bridesman” or “man of honor” is more appropriate.DON’T feel like you have to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. I just don’t get some brides’ obsession with having even numbers. You can shuffle the way people walk up the aisle (two bridesmaids to a groomsman or vice versa), or stand during the ceremony. And you can skip the “wedding party join in!” portion of your first dance—which I always found a little awkward as a bridesmaid, anyway!DO redefine the roles. A “maid of honor” and “matron of honor” is great—unless you have two best friends and neither (or both) is married. If you want to have two “maids” or two “matrons” or no one “of honor,” just four equally ranked bridesmaids, do what works for you.DON’T ask a friend just because you were in her wedding. Your friend didn’t ask you to be in her wedding because she hopes to be in yours—whenever that might happen. You might want to include more family members or just keep your wedding party small. Whatever the reason, don’t assume your friend (especially one you’ve grown apart from) expects to be in your wedding. Or wants to, for that matter.
New York — Apr 24, 2012 / ( – PLUS Model Magazine (PMM,, the #1 magazine celebrating the plus size fashion and plus modeling industry is proud to join Full Figured Fashion Week(TM) (FFFWeek), taking place inin New York City, June 13-16, 2012 as the top media sponsor.   

PMM, who hit viral status in January for their explosive editorial, “PLUS SIZE BODIES, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM ANYWAY?“,subsequently appearing on/in ABC World News with Diane Sawyer,,, Entertainment Tonight and 200+ other media outlets, continues our commitment to ‘everything curvy’ by covering this prestigious event. “Full Figured Fashion Week is the Oscar’s of the plus size industry,” shares Madeline Jones, PMM Editor-in-Chief. “People and media come from all over the world to celebrate fashion specifically for plus size women.”

The June issue of PMM, available online June 1, will include an interview with Gwen DeVoe, CEO of DeVoe Signature Events (DSE) & Creator and Executive Producer of FFFWeek. “Gwen DeVoe is an industry leader whose passion for the plus size woman has led her to create an event that creates conversations, celebrates plus size women of all sizes and impacts lives,” comments Jones. The issue will also include exclusive photos, interview with the Face of Full Figured Fashion Week Venessa A. Delarosa and much more.

With over 15 years experience in fashion show production, Gwen DeVoe, says, “It is time for designers, retailers, boutique owners and businesses with an interest in the plus size market to combine their resources and talents and partner with a plus fashion event that will rival other Fashion Weeks and Full Figured Fashion Week(TM) IS that event.”

Now in its fourth year as the exclusive producers of Full Figured Fashion Week(TM), DSE continues to receive accolades throughout the plus community and national and international media coverage of the event.

Follow FFF Week on Facebook at @fffweek and on twitter at fffweek. To our follows please add Instagram @plusmodelmag

The PMM recap of all FFFWeek events will be in the July 2012 issue, our 6th Anniversary issue.

"The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd has publicly denied accusations that she was caught cheating ahead of Monday's "Dancing With the Stars" premiere -- she was seen taking a handful of dance classes in early December. But it turns out that Sherri wasn't the only celebrity to get in a little practice before they signed their contract.

"I don't think it’s cheating, " one show insider tells me. "It would be stupid to not check out a few dance classes before you sign up to a grueling dance competition. If you don’t like to dance in the first place, then why would you want to be on 'Dancing With the Stars'?"

Sherri seemed to agree: “I’m glad I did, because it showed me if I was up for this challenge ... I’m 169 pounds, I’m diabetic and I’m pigeon-toed. Y’all do not want me falling out on that dance floor."

However, any suggestion that Sherri or other cast members were practicing months ago with their professional partners is simply not true. Both the professional dancers and their celebrity counterparts only find out who they will be partnered with the day before the duos are announced to America.

"We have no say, we have no idea," 'DWTS' veteran Cheryl Burke tells me. "Thank god they brief us because most of the time I don’t know who my partner is. Thank god for Google. The producers know our personalities so they know whom we will get along with and whom we won't get along with. The first couple of weeks you get to know each other, that’s why we have a three-week training period (before the live shows) and get to know what this person can do and not do."

Cheryl also explained that the show has changed its training period from the original six weeks to three weeks so that the stars' dramatic improvement could be seen on live TV. So, it's no wonder that a few clever celebrities chose to hit the dance floor before they even knew their professional partners.

Are you a mother of the groom or bride? And have you waited until the last minute to begin shopping for your formal dress for the occasion? If so note this is quite common. many mothers like to wait. Some say it is because they think the wedding is not going to take place so why waste the money. Others put it off because they dont want to admit they wear a size larger than what they do so they try to loose weight before they go shopping. Whatever your reason for putting it off there is no need to fret. There are many fashion designers our there today that cater to this buyer. For instance you can have a couture mother of the groom dress made new in about 4 weeks or less if you work directly with the dress designer. And as you know from looking around on the internet there are tones of sites that will sell those traditional mother of the bride dresses that they have hanging on the rack that are on sale. We are even seeing more and more women decide to opt out of that more older lady looking MOB dress and leaning more towards black tie evening wear garments so that they can wear the item again for another special occasion. This opens your options up quite a bit more. Even here at Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd we keep a number of evening wear pieces on hand in alot of different sizes for that buyer who does not have time to have a dress made new. So if you are one of those buyers who has waited and the June wedding is fast approaching know that you do have options.
After 36 years, Liz Claiborne is changing its name.

The style stalwart will be known as Fifth & Pacific Cos. Inc., starting in May.

Back in October, the company announced that it was shuttering its namesake brand, which it sold to J.C. Penney, and others, in order to focus on bolstering profits of its most profitable brands: Juicy Couture, Lucky Brand and Kate Spade.

"We wanted a name that somehow captured the intrinsically American element of what we do, even though these are global brands... we talked about the lurking drama of New York and Los Angeles really being a defining element of what we are as a company," CEO William L. McComb told Women's Wear Daily.

Liz Claiborne owned more fashion brands than we'd realized: they also sold off Monet, kensie, kensiegirl, Mac & Jac, Dana Buchman and Mexx last year.

But there might be good news to come: Liz Claiborne stock was tentatively climbing at the end of 2011; we'll see how the new announcement plays into the struggling company's financials.

Prom season is quick approaching.  April and May should be right here just before you know it.  And quite a few high school youngsters are previously planning for their all crucial prom gown.  We haveobserved in some cases right here locally in Txthata couplehave alreadypurchased or requested their dresses.  If you are one of individuals few who is putting it off and has not going buyingyet here are a couple points to retain in mind.

As youthful girls prep for it night time it is tempting to see a attractive designer prom dress and afterwards go directly out and buy it. Even so, stunning it may be, but not just about every gown is going to glance gorgeous on every prom go’er .  Normally, sure gowns are made for specific body type shapes and you want ensure which the gown you buy complements your figure, complementing, rather than emphasizing particular parts of your body. 

Historically the a lot popular shades for a prom gown possess been black, pink, white or blue.  These days the colours are rather varied simply as much as the types themselves.  Picking the appropriate cut for your body type is so essential in creating the experience a excellent one or not.  A lot of teenagers soon find which shade and fashion are not the hardest parts of investing in a prom gown.  More occasions it is regarding the fit and feel of the garment.  Quite a few instances youthful women could uncover that the dress they have spent so much for was a pricey mistake. It doesn’t fit, it’s uncomfortable and, worst of all, it simply makes them feel unattractive.   Confidence can sometimes be lost and it can help ruin the night.

This of course can be avoided with the proper guidance and if some serious, honest and judicious thought is given to the individuals body shape.  It should be understood that certain designer prom gowns will flatter some figure types while other will not.  For example, if you’re one of those rare women with the perfect hour-glass shape figure, then you’ll look good in anything. Very few can wear a mermaid prom dress and look stunning. Also sheath dresses look great. Definitely go for either a strapless or halter neck dress.  For those with fuller or rounded figures a dress with a low neckline and dropped waist is very flattering. The low neck line enhances the bust line and the dropped waist elongates the torso. An empire dress – no waist, instead the skirt begins under the bust – also flatters this body shape.  For women with a boyish figure tight fitting dresses are best avoided. Instead go for an A-line dress that is slightly fitted at the waist. Also, slimmer women look great bare shouldered, so go for a strapless dress. If you’re conscious about small breasts then chose a dress with a halter neckline.  Most women are pear shaped. Again, A-line or empire dress styles will flatter as they accentuate the torso but distract from larger hips & thighs.

Choosing the right size is difficult when buying any sort of clothing. This can be even more of a problem when buying a prom gown -  especially online when you are not trying the clothing on off the rack.  To make matters worse, all designers and manufacturers’ sizes vary.  For example a size 10 from one prom company may be a measurement 12 or 14 from another. Luckily, many online suppliers present a measurement graph for the makers these folks sell. If you stick to the directions quite carefully, you could find one that matches perfectly.

Getting a designer promenade gown is surely to be recommended as they are much better developed and designed to other individuals you find in department stored.  Custom dresses prefer these commonly start at $500 and go up from there – some even as elevated as $1000.  So there is a selling price to pay for becoming unique.  But astonishingly there are quite a few parents who are inclined to pay the cost for this one exceptional evening for their daughters.  We possess viewed it first palm as we possess designed couture prom dresses for consumers from all over the United States since 1996 and some of those clients have even paid well over a thousand dollars just to have a custom unique look for their dresses.  Clients from all over the world have come to us for there formal dress needs when they do not want be be caught wearing the same gown as someone else.  This is a common problem (especially if you live in a smaller town) when some of the only places you can shop are the mall.  There you will find 20 of the same design on the rack.  So clearly the odds of someone else in your city or school wearing it are high.  Still, if you buy correctly, only buying dress styles that suit your body shape, you can ensure that on the night, you’ll look unique , look attractive & elegant.

Prom night is so crucial for quite a few girls.  A lot young teenagers see that night as a correct of passage from youth to young adulthood. With such importance becoming placed on that one evening, it’s of small shock that a lot of girls want the best dress possible . They want to feel like Cinderella the most important girl at the ball for that one really exclusive evening.  Not very quite a few women grow up and have a main reason to wear ball gowns or overpriced beaded dresses – other than prom night and a wedding.  That is why it is fairly much for most women.  So to posses a designer gown for that one evening can help make which evening something so special which these folks could bear in mind for the relaxation of their lives.

Darius Cordell (the author of it article) is a fashion designer situated near Dallas Tx.  Even however we are in Texas we even now offer garments for clientele from all over the world – with the use of our online collection and a well-rounded evidence ordering system to improve each and every consumer get hold of the gown of their dreams.  All styles can be produced to purchase even so you like in any size and with any changes.  For more details about custom prom gowns from Darius Cordell Couture assortment please go to our primary site at