There are some that believe that it is never to early to being preparing for your very special day. Some young girls start planning their wedding day when they are just little teenagers. But conventional thought says a bride should actually purchase her bridal gown approximately one year in advance. This gives the bridal shop time to take the measurements, order from the fashion designer and have it arrive in plenty of time for any potential alterations or tweaking. This is especially important if you are having a custom design produced.

I have heard on several occasions a custom saying they are ordering a custom gown when in fact they are simply submitting a made to measure order. It is not widely understood that having a dress from a designers collection made to order is not a "custom" garment. To most designers a "custom" garment means a totally custom design. This is where you have the design company (or bridal salon) sketch several brand new designer wedding dresses just for you based on your needs and wants. Then you pick from those sketches the one you like the most. If this is the route you are going it is extremely important to leave a year between your order time and your wear date. Since this is a new design that has never been seen you may want to just leave room for any potential error or time for corrections if ever necessary.

Because of this reason most brides today opt to have a dress from the collection made in a size close to them instead of ordering custom designs. This way they have seen the design in person and do not have to wonder if it will turn out ok or look like the sketch. Since the designers team has already produce that design many times it will also not take them as long to get it to the bridal salon for you to try on. In this case I would suggest for the client to leave at least 6 months prior to your wedding for the production of your made to measure garment.

So when you are looking at designer wedding dresses and thinking that you do not want to buy to soon or too late just keep this in mind. If it is a custom or customized bridal gown allow at least one year. If you are buying a design from a collection that will be made to measure it would be wise to purchase 6 months prior to the wedding. And if you are not planning a huge wedding or if the wedding gown will not play a factor in any other part of the wedding planning then the latest you should order off the rack is around 3 months prior to the event. Ordering designer wedding gowns earlier will almost always alleviate some stress and allow you to plan other parts of your special occasion with a bit more ease and relaxation.

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