Are you a bride who has been searching endlessly at local bridal shops and wedding salons for the perfect dress but just can’t seem to find exactly what you want?  Have you discovered that you like the top of one dress and the bottom of another but the traditional bridal store you are working with is unable to create a custom piece that is exactly what you are wanting?  If this is the case then you need to consider custom wedding dresses from Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd.

Our company has been providing couture pieces to women for their special day since 1996.  Our company began business in Norman Oklahoma.  At that time we only sold our designs to retailers and stores at a wholesale cost for them to resell our product.  Then in 1999 we relocated our design firm to the Dallas Apparel Market.  That is when we began looking into offering our creations directly to the public but at a retail price.  And now our operations are conveniently located in Frisco Texas.  We now sell our merchandise to wholesale and retail buyers.  We also work with both local as well as long distance clients.  We have sold items to all types of buyers that are from all parts of the world.  We have literally sold hundreds of dresses per season to many different countries.  Some would think that specialized garments like these would have to be arranged in person but that is not necessarily the case.  Our process for ordering custom bridal gowns is quite simple and pain free.

The first thing we determine is the cut of the clothing that the bride wants.  A large number of consumers will say …”well I don’t know what I want” which is really not the case.  We have found that they really do.  For instance if we said do you want a long sleeve bridal gown with all lace they would have an opinion as to yes or no.  So one of the first things we try and get each person to figure out is what part of their body they want to over and what part of their body they want to show.  This really helps narrow down the possibilities quite a bit and helps us figure out what is in their head.  The individual can communicate this to us in the form of a photo that they have found.  It can be from another designer or any other website.  Sometimes it is easier for a client to simply look at one of the cuts from our collection and then make changes to it.  This usually is the easiest way to start the process.  Or when the budget allows they can commission us to produce sketch work for them according to their preferences, likes and dislikes.  Usually we provide about 3 sketches for the consumer to consider.  We may wind up making changes to one of them to get it exactly as the person envisioned and then once we have the approval of the cut we then move on to the embellishments.

Most custom wedding gowns will have some type of adornment on them – be it lace, beading or some form or embroidery.  Most of our Darius Cordell Designs are more simplistic and demur.  So many of the pieces in our collection do not have an abundance of embellishments.  However if we have a client that wants that sort of creation we have absolutely no problem in providing that to them.

Usually brides are not too particular in regards to fabrication.  The main thing they want is for the item to look good, be comfortable and be affordable.  Yet there are some that do have a strong preference in fabrics.  If you are long distance and that is the case one of the easiest ways to address that point is to suggest for you to visit one of your local fabric stores.  Let an employee there know that you are searching for bridal fabrics and they should be able to direct you in the proper location.  From there you can see, touch and feel all of the fabrics to help you decide on the one you want for your bridal gown.  Once you have figured out which one you like you can then either communicate to us the name of that fabric, you can submit a sample of that fabric to us or you can even send us the entire yardage that would be needed to make your wedding dress.  We will then either resource or use that fabric upon your request.

Another main element to providing custom bridal dresses to a client long distance is making sure the garment fits as best as possible.  This can sometimes be tricky if the client is planning on losing a great deal of weight between the time they order their dress and the time they wear it on their wedding day.  Still, we provide a personal measurement form to all clients.  We suggest they go to one of their local tailors or alterationist and have them fill out the form based on the diagram we provide on that form.  We would then simply cut the garment in those exact measurements.  One of the questions our brides normally ask us here is “what if I do change in size”.  The answer to that is simple.  You can very easily go right back to that same tailor or alteraionist who took your measurements and request them to tailor the garment on you in person accordingly.  This is quite different than ordering a dress in a bridal salon in a certain size and then having multiple fitting to get the item to your size.  The dress you purchase from Darius Designs has already been made to your dimensions so there is not a lot of tailoring or “fittings” that will be needed.

The very last thing we would need to complete the initial stages of this process would be to receive your signed order form and cutting fee deposit – which is normally just 50% of the base price that was quoted as your estimate.  If your custom clothing ultimately is estimated to be over $3000 we will allow the good faith deposits to be as low as 30%.  The balance payments are not due until your merchandise is completed.  However if you prefer to make small payments during production you are more than welcome.  The production time for most couture items is normally 8-12 weeks.  If your gown is heavily beaded we would request you allow even more time since our clothing is beaded by hand.  In some cases where the creation is not too incredibly detailed or ornate we can rush the order in approximately 4 weeks but the bride would need to pay a surcharge or rush fee for that speedy service.

As we mentioned we have been providing custom wedding dresses to women in this manner for well over a decade with great success.  So we are certain we can assist you as well.  The process is really far less complicated and simple than one would normally imagine. 

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