Are you a mother of the groom or bride? And have you waited until the last minute to begin shopping for your formal dress for the occasion? If so note this is quite common. many mothers like to wait. Some say it is because they think the wedding is not going to take place so why waste the money. Others put it off because they dont want to admit they wear a size larger than what they do so they try to loose weight before they go shopping. Whatever your reason for putting it off there is no need to fret. There are many fashion designers our there today that cater to this buyer. For instance you can have a couture mother of the groom dress made new in about 4 weeks or less if you work directly with the dress designer. And as you know from looking around on the internet there are tones of sites that will sell those traditional mother of the bride dresses that they have hanging on the rack that are on sale. We are even seeing more and more women decide to opt out of that more older lady looking MOB dress and leaning more towards black tie evening wear garments so that they can wear the item again for another special occasion. This opens your options up quite a bit more. Even here at Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd we keep a number of evening wear pieces on hand in alot of different sizes for that buyer who does not have time to have a dress made new. So if you are one of those buyers who has waited and the June wedding is fast approaching know that you do have options.

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